Who are the Wesleyans?

We're Who You Hope We Are!

We're neighbors who want to know you!

We share the same schools, stores, streets, banks, ball fields, hospitals and restaurants.  We hope for many of the same things -- health, happiness, successful homes and careers, meaningful relationships, solutions to everyday problems, hope for facing the future.  Because we have so many things in common, we think you'll find that we're who you hope we are.


We're friends who would like to share our best with you!

Even if we haven't met yet, you are important to us.  We know how lonely life can be sometimes; we offer you our time and acceptance.  We realize how tough the pressures of society can be; we provide a support system of caring big enough to embrace you.  We identify with your search for meaning; we encourage each other to reach our highest potential.  We understand our spiritual emptiness; we've found a relationship with the living God we'd love to help you explore for yourself.


We're a caring community that wants to include you!

The most important reason for the church to exist, we think, is to help people connect with God and each other in loving ways.  That's why we emphasize practical Bible teaching, uplifting worship, and special programs to beet a variety of life needs.  A warm welcome awaits you from our church family.


Let's get acquainted!

We want to know you, share our best with you, and include you in our caring community.  Come for a visit, talk to our pastor or one of our members if you want more information about us.  Come and see if "we're who you hope we are!"